I love the bright taste of a kale salad, the crisp crunch then the slightly acidic bite, it’s so refreshing. This is a salad recipe I have been making for years, especially when my home garden is bursting with kale plants the deer have not eaten. I love the curly,Continue Reading

A bright, refreshing and healthy salad is exactly what you need to cool you down during these summer months. With grapefruit and pineapple being in season and the perfect citrus punch this salad will have your eyes and taste buds saying that you. I love the ease of buying aContinue Reading

When I want a cool and refreshing salad during the hot Texas summer days, I make this delicious cucumber and tomato salad. I love the crunch when I bite into a cucumber its cooling and perfect for warm days. The light and tangy herb dressing for this recipe is myContinue Reading

This is a fantastic, vibrant, and delicious pesto sauce can be simply made at home. Whether you have bushes of basil growing in your garden or you purchased a few bunches at the farmer’s market, this sauce comes together in about 10 minutes. Easily made and stored for up toContinue Reading

The familiar bright red flesh and inky black seeds bring so many memories of good times with my friends and family at the campground. We would have watermelon seed-spitting contests day in and day out. My grandfather would set out targets all around the campground for us to hit. WhoeverContinue Reading

This delicious side dish is not only simple to make, it comes together in 15 minutes! Fresh Swiss chard adds bright color and flavor to this dish. Creamy white beans adds a bit of silkiness with every bite. Swiss chard and white beans can be eaten as a side orContinue Reading

Fresh and Delicious Grilled Romaine Salad Changing it up What’s one way to take a plain and boring summer salad to a new level? By grilling the lettuce! This is a way to keep you taste buds and your friends and family happy and enjoying a new flavor to this bbqContinue Reading

Lemon Dill Dressing Just the right amount of tang and jazz with fresh lemon zest and the creaminess from the mayo make this dressing great for a grilled romaine or even just drizzled on top of fresh veggies. Get creative with your camp dinner. Make a batch and store itContinue Reading