This is the perfect grilled beef recipe that goes from the grill to your plate in under 30 minutes. Grilled flank steaks with fresh chimichurri sauce will excite your tastebuds, not put a strain on your pocketbook and delivers flavor like you have never tasted before. For me, beef grilledContinue Reading

A delicious, yet simple basting liquid that will intensify the flavor to any of your grilled dishes. This highly concentrated salt solution takes the place of any seasoning or marinade you add to your protein before grilling. Full of Flavor I use the flavorful salt water solution as a bastingContinue Reading

Cooking food over a fire not only perfumes the food with incredible smoke flavor it also develops beautiful color while searing away on the hot metal while it cooks. Having a multi functioning piece of equipment is key to grilling, searing, and keeping food warm. Having accessories like dutch ovens,Continue Reading

Texas Classic Chuck Wagon Fire Box

The Ultimate Over The Fire Cooking Tool The most important technique I can teach is how versatile your over the fire cooking equipment should be. Working with equipment that can create a hot direct heat zone and a cooler slow grill side is essential.  The act of building a fire,Continue Reading