Deliciously rich and bold, this cocoa spice rub is perfect with a smoky grilled tri tip. Whether using a gas grill, charcoal grill or hard wood fire, your friends and family will enjoy every bite.  Tri tip is a cut of beef that shows up time and again on ourContinue Reading

Herb Cheddar Biscuits These crisp and tender biscuits are perfect for your morning routine at home or the campground. With the sharp cheddar melted throughout the biscuit when it bakes to the earthy and comforting flavor of sage. Are you looking to save a bit of time?  These herb cheddarContinue Reading

Every year about this time I gather my favorite cookie cutters, rolling pins and sugar decorations. It’s been a tradition of mine to prepare pounds and pounds of buttery sugar cookie dough. My family loves it when I declare the main baking day for all the Christmas cookies and desserts.Continue Reading

Cocoa Spice Rub An excellent spiced rub with rich cocoa flavors perfect for your seared steaks, smoked chicken and grilled pork. Made with pantry staples this spice mix is perfect for you to keep on hand at all times.   Ive always loved the rich flavor cocoa adds to cookies,Continue Reading

Buttery rich and chocolaty sweet, this chocolate toffee skillet cookie is easy to prepare and serve. The key to baking this delicious dessert is using a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet. Recently, I wrote an article for Trailer Life  about my experience and knowledge of chocolate and the bean to bar process.  IContinue Reading

No Knead Overnight Bread Simple is better, especially when making homemade bread. My no knead overnight bread recipe is not only easy it is delicious. Use this recipe as a base and experiment with additional flavors such as rosemary and kalamata olive, everything but the bagel seasoning, sea salt topped orContinue Reading

Cooking food over a fire not only perfumes the food with incredible smoke flavor it also develops beautiful color while searing away on the hot metal while it cooks. Having a multi functioning piece of equipment is key to grilling, searing, and keeping food warm. Having accessories like dutch ovens,Continue Reading

Bright and Flavorful Verde Sauce What better way to brighten your meal than with this intensely flavored tomatillo and poblano based sauce. Why Not? Slow simmered pork shoulder, grilled chicken or a vegetable verde chili, the possibilities are endless when you use this sauce along with the Southwest Season Mix.Continue Reading

Sweet & Spice Bourbon BBQ Sauce This bbq sauce has a bit of sweet a hint of heat and a touch of smokiness. Perfect with beef, chicken, vegetables and pork, when grilled over flavorful hard wood. Make this sauce a day or two in advance to develop deeper and brighterContinue Reading

  Honey, Lime & Chili Marinade Bold, bright, sweet and spicy.  This honey lime and chili marinade will truly take your favorite grilled chicken, fish, or pork to the next level. Unique ingredients such as garlic, honey, lime juice and zest will have your next grilled food exploding with flavor. Continue Reading