This is the perfect grilled beef recipe that goes from the grill to your plate in under 30 minutes. Grilled flank steaks with fresh chimichurri sauce will excite your tastebuds, not put a strain on your pocketbook and delivers flavor like you have never tasted before. For me, beef grilledContinue Reading

A delicious, yet simple basting liquid that will intensify the flavor to any of your grilled dishes. This highly concentrated salt solution takes the place of any seasoning or marinade you add to your protein before grilling. Full of Flavor I use the flavorful salt water solution as a bastingContinue Reading

This is the freshest and most flavorful chimichurri recipe you will ever taste. It is simple to make and adds incredible bright flavors to grilled beef, pork or chicken. A fellow chef introduced me to chimichurry after cooking in Buenos Aires, Argentina for two years. He told me about all theContinue Reading

 The Perfect Blue Cheese Butter recipe! Cooking the perfect seared New York steak in a  hot cast iron pan is the ultimate meal. Season it simply with a good layer of flakey sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Then top it with a touch of creamy butter, blue cheeseContinue Reading

Rich and bright in flavor, slightly spicy and a meal that comes together in 30 minutes. Sign me up! Shakshuka is a one-skillet tomato and egg meal that the whole family will enjoy. Originally a North African dish, Shakshuka has traveled the globe from culture to culture. Many enjoy thisContinue Reading

Citrus grilled shrimp is the perfect meal cooked on the grill in the summer. With a bright and slightly spicy Asian citrus marinade, the caramelization that occurs on the grilled shrimp will impress everyone. The flavor of that char helps add a depth to shrimps natural sweetness, it’s unbelievable. MyContinue Reading

This delicious berry crumble comes together in minutes and only has four ingredients. Simple pantry staples along with a bag of frozen mixed berries delivers a fast and tasty dessert. I’ve provided both the camp Dutch oven directions and oven baking directions for you. Using Frozen vs Fresh Berries LookingContinue Reading

 Spiced Cinnamon Butter What better flavor punch to add to fried chicken than a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, and red chili flake? The crisp, golden skin of your friend chicken will absorb all that buttery goodness while leaving an outer coating of sweet and spice. You won’t need theContinue Reading

Biscuits should be light as a feather and tall as a skyscraper. In addition they should taste buttery, split into flakey layers, with rich and delicious flavors. That’s is exactly what you will get from all three of these biscuit recipes. Cream biscuits are light, fluffy and soft as a pillow. Continue Reading

This rich and flavorful sausage and cheese biscuit recipe will be on your next camping or weekend menu, I promise. Savory browned sausage and sharp cheddar cheese fill every bite of the biscuit. Made with your basic pantry ingredients plus a few from the fridge, these biscuits come together inContinue Reading