Over the summer on our family RV adventure to the Great Smoky Mountains, my family and I encountered some long driving days, a bit of torrential rain and wind. Then, to top it off, the hot and humid summer pushed us to our limit a few times. Those situations madeContinue Reading

Chicken fried chicken is the ultimate comfort food. Tender, juicy and crisp chicken breasts seared in a cast iron skillet just until golden brown. To top off that crisp piece of chicken is a thick and creamy, slightly peppered white gravy. Your friends and family who eat this meal willContinue Reading

Packed full of flavor and one simple recipe to make. This cast iron chicken paillard meal come together in under 30 minutes. A fantastic weeknight meal or one to enjoy out on the patio with friends and family. Paillard means to flatten. Use this traditional French cooking technique with chicken, beef,Continue Reading

What better meal than this savory Dutch pancake along with a crisp green salad on a warm summer night? Using fresh home-grown herbs or ones from your local farmer’s market, I promise every bite will have you wanting more. Salty parmesan cheese, smoky bacon, and crisp sautéed mushrooms round outContinue Reading

The perfect pancake to serve to your family is not only easy to make, and it cooks up in minutes! I’ve flavored my recipe for the perfect Dutch baby pancake with vanilla and lemon, then added fresh berries, a little extra step but it’s worth it. When you remove theContinue Reading

Maple syrup is delicious over pancakes, waffles, or ice cream. But the addition of bourbon takes this delicious syrup to a whole new level. This recipe comes together in minutes and keeps for a week in the refrigerator, but I doubt it will last that long. Using this bourbon mapleContinue Reading

The world’s BEST Cinnamon & Honey butter! Pancakes, French toast, cinnamon bread and surprisingly grilled chicken breasts love this compound butter. I love using this cinnamon and honey butter in place of maple syrup for our camp French toast or waffles. The spicy cinnamon and that sweet honey are the perfectContinue Reading

This delicious side dish is not only simple to make, it comes together in 15 minutes! Fresh Swiss chard adds bright color and flavor to this dish. Creamy white beans adds a bit of silkiness with every bite. Swiss chard and white beans can be eaten as a side orContinue Reading

Who doesn’t love waking up to freshly made stack of pancakes?  What if those pancakes were lightly scented with vanilla and citrus, topped with a thick rich citrus peach compote. Do I have your attention yet?  Read on as you will see how this delicious breakfast can come together inContinue Reading

This is the perfect grilled beef recipe that goes from the grill to your plate in under 30 minutes. Grilled flank steaks with fresh chimichurri sauce will excite your tastebuds, not put a strain on your pocketbook and delivers flavor like you have never tasted before. For me, beef grilledContinue Reading